Sunday, September 13, 2009

A warm mug of hot chocolate

We are now six weeks into our school year. I naively thought that I would not experience what many call "the fog". I assumed that since I had experimented with Tapestry of Grace last year, extensively research all of my curriculum choices, and was entering my second year of homeschooling that we would seamlessly slip from summer into school. In fact, I was so convinced of my ability to avoid the back to school blues, I didn't even recognize the symptoms.

On Thursday of this week I was thoroughly enjoying being home with my children. We were defiantly having a Kodak kind of day. The weather was classic fall mountain weather; chilly, damp, and foggy. School went well, the toddlers kept their tantrums to a minimum, and I was canning applesauce. While standing in the kitchen, I took a deep sigh and tried to think of a way to describe how I was feeling. Not being a coffee drinker, the first thing that I thought of was swimming in a mug of hot chocolate. What a fabulous thought!

My day had certainly had plenty of normal adventures for a stay at home mom with young children. I was behind on the laundry. I had hoped to accomplish a little more during school, and the apples were trumping dinner planning. Yet, there I was swimming in my mug of hot chocolate. Completely relaxed, perfectly content, and even a bit confident.

I began to consider what fact could possibly have brought me to this point. What was so difficult about two weeks ago? Last week? Even yesterday? After a few minutes of reflection I realized that I had experienced the "four week fog."

Well, I am humbled to discover a new layer of arrogance in myself. I am also thrilled to be mentally back into the school routine.


jonnia said...

Oh my! Are you sure I didn't write this post?!?!
I got my feet wet, so to speak, last year as well, digging in completely this year. Nice to hear I'm not alone in the "surprised by the fog" syndrome! We are at about the same point as you right now, just finished week 4. I am finally feeling a bit more steady. Hope this part lasts!

Laura said...

Hey Carol!! how are you guys? i have loved catching up with all your learning stuff. thanks for your honesty and for posting. i will be visiting and following you in teh future lots more! hang in there . . . .

Julie@Momspective said...

Wow. I can't believe how your weather has changed already. In SC, it's just like it was a month ago only it gets darker early!

Heidi Wurst said...

Carol, I've been a bit foggy myself lately. I think it is mainly exhaustion and allergies having their way with me! We are still plugging away too at school. Some days are great, and some are harder than others, but we always make it through somehow.

I'm bummed that we can't do apples this year, it kept raining on the days when we could go pick, and now our schedule is just too crazy. We are planning on going to the farm for a pumpkin in October, so maybe they will have some apples left too. Who knows... :-)