Monday, September 28, 2009

Well, I don't know the answers to ALL your questions

Author's note: I love my children. All of them. A whole lot!

My oldest is exhausting! She starts asking questions before the sun rises and is still asking questions after we shut the bedroom door at the end of the day. She is 8. Eight.

Questions from today:

During Bible time, "Can you read us a new parable today? I think that you have already read all of those." That question lead to a conversation about the fact that while the words in the Bible stay the same our understanding of God should grow each time we read them.

While reading The Squire and the Scroll, "But did the princess want to marry him?" She was totally offended that the princess was given to the hero without being consulted.

When I sent the kids to play outside, "Will we be in trouble if we don't have fun?"

No matter what option parents choose for school, raising children is mentally draining. It is God alone who keeps me from screaming, "Yes, you will sit in time out until you turn 20 if you don't get out there and have fun!" It is also God who is gracious enough to pour out his forgiveness when I fail to train my children in ways that reflect the fruit of the spirit.

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