Saturday, September 26, 2009

A little sample

If I had a scanner I would use that right now. Then you would be able to see the handwriting and the spelling errors that I missed. I do not have a scanner. You might have noticed that we are still working on acquiring a digital camera. I am sorry that the flaws are all hiding behind the computer screen, but here a sample of Mckenzie's writing.

"Becoming a knight"
It took many years to become a knight. First you would become a page. They learned to clean stables and ride horses. They served food. Later if a page worked hard enough he became a squire. He learned to care for weapons and to use them. He learned manners. If he was a good squire he would become a knight.

When a squire became a knight there was a special ceremony. first the knight spent the night in chapel praying. The next day people would help him dress. Then the knight got a tap on the shoulder with the king's sword. Then he received a sword and other gifts. After the party the knight was considered a great knight at everything he did.

Perhaps a tad idealistic at the end, but she is 8. Knights and soldiers are heroes. I can be ok with that.

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