Monday, August 24, 2009

I am confused, was Charlemagne good or bad?

We started week 4 today. I was hoping to start the week with a "geography adventure", but due to weather we postponed our trip.

We started the skeletal system today. The girls were full of questions. I am please with R.E.A.L. science so far.

The hardest question that I was asked today was about Charlemagne. I have to be honest and say that I underestimated my third grader's ability to integrate information. I did start her on the Upper Grammar track, but I was completely prepared to adjust to lower grammar. Since I was so unsure about which level we would find ourselves using I focused on lower grammar details over the summer. So, when I was asked today about the details of Charlemagne's life, I had to pause for a moment.

Our history time ended with a conversation about the fact that christians' lives are full of mistakes. I reminded McKenzie of a question that she had asked me earlier in the day. She had asked, "how can we abide in Christ? I know that we want to do that, but we do still sin, so how can we do both?" A great question. One that I suspect she will be revisiting for the rest of her life. We know that Paul wrestled with that same concept. I focused our discussion on the desire to love and follow Christ. After we finish 1 John, I think that Galatians would be a good follow up. ("our righteous acts are filthy rags")

These are the kinds of discussions that drew me to use Tapestry of Grace. I feel better equipped to navigate these spiritual questions couched in the context of history.

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