Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the non-TOG stuff

At the heart of our school work is Tapestry of Grace, but, as the sidebar indicates, we have a few other things going on too. Here is a quick update.

Math - -still good; I like being able to pull from two resources; McKenzie is loving the analogies. I usually have to make her stop and move on to the next thing.

Science - overall good; It is working for both girls, which is nice. I did buy anatomy coloring books that we are using to supplement the anatomy reading. I am also finding myself adding experiments. If you are willing to use R.E.A.L. science as a starting point it is fine. If you would rather have all you need at your fingertips don't use this one

Grammar - I continue to be satisfied with Easy Grammar. We are using the daily grams workbook and the larger lesson book.

Spelling - Spelling Power sure seems like a lot of work for a spelling program. I am not following the program exactly, which doesn't seem to be working. Now I have to decide, do I spend a few hours organizing spelling or do I bag the whole thing. Advice?

Phonics - My first grader is using Veritas Press phonics. Last year I did not need the teacher's guide. This year I saved a ton $$$ and only bought the student workbook. As it turns out I wish that I had the teacher's manual for the first grade material. I am making it work since I have two years worth of Saxon phonics to pull from, but if you are thinking about using Veritas just buy the whole thing.

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