Friday, October 16, 2009

a common goal

We are wrapping up unit one of year two. For those of you not using Tapestry of Grace, that means that we are beginning to transition out of the middle ages and into the renaissance. Today we talked about the life of Jon Wycliff and I did a quick review of some of the people we had talked about through out the week. Joan of Arc, Johann Gutenburg, Jan Huss I went rattling through the list. My third grader said to me, "it is like they were all working on the same things and didn't even know."

Wow. That was so true. All week I had been reminding the girls that these people had given their lives. Being the only woman in the army must have been lonely. Devoting yourself to one goal despite financial ruin must have been challenging. Standing for the truth of the Bible, even if that meant standing against the bishop, would have been scary. McKenzie pulled it all together for us. All of these people surely had times when they felt alone. And yet, they were not. God was using each of them to usher in the reformation.

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