Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Unusually quiet around here

For the next few months this humble blog may seem rather silent. School will continue as scheduled, but my free time will look quite different. My husband has started a three month sabbatical. He has a great job, that he is quite good at, if I may say so. His job can be rather intense. To compensate for that his employer gives all full time workers a three month sabbatical after every five years of work. It is an amazing deal. I assure you that during those five years of work he wakes up every morning prepared to pour himself out each day.

The kids and I are thrilled to have him home. As my seven year old was setting the table on the first night she asked me, "will Dad be home for dinner?" It was wonderful to answer, "yes."

I am sure that I will read several blogs as I prepare for next school year, but I might not post too often myself. I will be enjoying my husband's company and relishing backyard baseball games.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time together! I hope he get plenty of R & R. I really enjoyed his message 2 Sundays ago.

Anonymous said...

Er...gets. I don't talk like that. Honest. LOL

Silvia said...

Wonderful...enjoy, he surely works hard for it, and so do you.
Thanks for your link to the math conversation I started, and great luck in your hs conference.
See you when you come back!